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Boutique financial management with heart.


We do financial


a little


Unlike big firms, where attention can be spread thin, we treat our clients like family. At ESQ, a Financial Services Company, we acknowledge that your financial world is an intimate facet of your life. That is why we have created an environment where our clients feel safe and secure by providing an extra touch of love and integrity that you can't find at the bigger firms. When we work together, we want you to feel at home.

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You're family,

not just a client.

We are family and you are too.  Come by the office and say hello. Feel comfortable coming to us with anything you might need.  We want to get to know you so we know what’s important to you and we can work together to help you find freedom around any financial situation.

Stress-free financial well-being is our focus.

Focus on the things that matter more to you rather than remembering when to pay your utilities or your credit card bills. Let us take that off your hands. Your stress-free financial well-being is our focus, and we want you to know we care.

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  • Timely payment of your bills, even if you’re out of town

  • Deposits made to your bank daily

  • Reconcile bank statements and credit cards

  • Up-to-date records for your review

  • Tax planning and preparation

  • Budgeting

  • Investment plans for those who are ready

  • Big purchase guidance

  • Credit card, loan applications, and rental agreements

  • Important information always on hand


Elijah Quesada



Elijah has been in the accounting and finance world for nineteen years and has held such positions as Junior Controller, Payroll Specialist, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, and more.  Elijah’s work ethics have a high level of integrity and his speed and efficiency are key to making sure he is on top of all your needs.    


David Devora

Vice President

David has been a financial manager for thirteen years, which makes this work second nature to him.  He has a BS in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin which led him to the entertainment industry where he worked as a junior talent agent for five years before transitioning into financial management. His ongoing studies in personal growth and development keep him grounded with a calming approach when assisting clients. His focus, heart, and commitment to bring you peace of mind, make you feel like family, not just a client.  

We're here for you.

If you have a question, if you have a concern, if you just want to come in and talk about how your financial world is, we are here.  We are happy to talk with you, though sometimes it may get a bit technical.  We just want you to know we are available, even if it’s just for a friendly lunch.

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Good guys doing good work.

“I could not be happier and more grateful to Elijah Quesada. As my smart, attentive to every detail business manager, he has continued to help me with everything from sitting down to streamline my budget, to re-fi my house, being incorporated, health insurance and more! The personal hands-on approach is what I need the most. And he delivers beautifully, staying after hours making sure I understand everything and staying empowered with all my financial matters, and delivering a monthly, comprehensive report. He makes himself available by phone, text and even came with me to lease my car!! I highly recommend ESQFS to people who are freelancers, small business owners, you name it, you’ll be happy you did!" 


- Lori Alan

"David Devora is like part of my family. I trust him completely to take care of my finances, not only because he is highly capable and does his job beautifully, but also because he is an A++ human being. Working with David allows me to relax, knowing that things are under control and no detail will be missed. (It may sound odd to describe a financial management company as "heart-centered," but that is the truth!) I can’t recommend David and his company highly enough."

- Valerie Vigoda

"Elijah and David have been managing my finances for many years now. I travel with my work most of the year and the peace of mind they afford me is priceless."

Marice Tobias

City National Bank
Machester Financial
Winningham Becker & Company
Richman Accountancy Corporation
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